On-air spots are
making headlines

Time Warner Cable News is 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week channel, with nationwide reports on news, weather and sports. We teamed up to create engaging, on-air promo spots, such as the exciting "Choose Your Weather" for their popular segment Weather on the 1s. A guaranteed icebreaker.

Snow, snow, snow! Our "Severe Weather" promo is broadcast in all upstate NY regions, allowing viewers to feel like they have immersed themselves in a huge blizzard. The piece's contemporary feel is further achieved with the organic integration of 2D typography and 3D elements.

Even though magic crystal balls that predict the weather don’t exist, we sure had fun pretending to create one in 3D for our on-air weather promo spot "Crystal Ball". 

Our "Weather on the 1s" animated spot highlights the channel's accuracy in bringing the latest weather summary and forecast to its viewers.

We infused life into words for this type-based spot, conceived to promote the website for NY1’s Spanish news channel, the renowned Noticias. Our piece was awarded an NY Emmy for Creative Direction & Animation.